We Assist Business Owners  Through All Stages of The Business Lifecycle.

Our firm's mission is to help business owners become more informed about the key milestones in each stage if their company's lifecycle. Identifying and moving through these milestones are imperative to successfully transitioning from one stage to the next.

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Our History:

Message From BXO's Founder

I have worked with business owners for 30 years and have seen, first hand, how bad or no advice has caused business owners to leave millions of dollars on the negotiating table. I wanted to create a firm where business owners would have access to experienced advisors assisting them through all stages of their business lifecycle to drive better outcomes. 

Brett Dearing, CEPA, CM&AA

Founder, Business Owners Exchange


Our Culture:

Supporting Business Owners With Successful and Experienced Advisors

BXO has over 100 advisors that have tenure and real time experience at assisting business owners with the most complex challenges. We are the premier advisory firm for privately-held and family-owned businesses. 

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Helping Business Owners Unlock Enterprise Value

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