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Brett Dearing, CEPA, CM&AA 

Brett Dearing is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA), and an outsourced COO with 30 years of experience. Brett, an ex-Goldman Sachs, SVP, sat alongside business owners and successfully executed key planning initiatives, preparedness consulting, and operational enhancements, for privately held and family-owned businesses. Mr. Dearing focuses on assisting CEO Founders with operational enhancements, growth strategies, mergers & acquisitions, recapitalizations, private equity partnerships, strategic acquisitions, spin-out acquisitions, tuck-in strategies, ESOPs, and company valuation & analysis. Mr. Dearing’s experience includes implementing business, financial, and personal planning solutions for CEO Founders. Audience members gravitate towards his knowledge, experience and ability to distill complex topics into advice that resonates.

As an attendee of a Vistage business owner conference stated to the audience,

"Brett is a business owner's best resource to guard against being taken advantage of".  

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 Educational Fundamentals:

Growth Planning

Learn the importance of business, personal and financial planning as part of our exit planning process.

Exit Planning

Learn about the key components of preparing a business owner and the business for a transition.

Business Planning

Many owners leave money on the negotiating table by not properly planning for the transaction.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the key to maximizing Net Proceeds from a transaction. 

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