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Brett Dearing, CEPA, CM&AA 

With over 30 years of operational experience, Brett has successfully guided hundreds of privately held and family-owned business owners through the four phases of a business cycle utilizing key planning strategies focused on operational enhancement, business growth & expansion, and comprehensive transition planning. Brett has added millions to business owner value and assisted business owners transition over $2 billion in privately held businesses.

As an advocate, consultant and advisory board member, Mr. Dearing utilizes his real-time experience to assist CEO Founders implement and execute operational enhancements, growth strategies, and transition plans through mergers & acquisitions, recapitalizations, private equity partnerships, strategic acquisitions, spin-out acquisitions, tuck-in strategies, and ESOPs. Mr. Dearing’s has implemented advisory boards and has utilized EOS and Lean Six Sigma methodologies to implement business, financial, and personal planning solutions as a part of a comprehensive plan to increase shareholder value.


As an attendee of a Vistage business owner conference stated to the audience,

"Brett is a business owner's best resource to guard against being taken advantage of".  

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Our Content Focuses On:

Growth Planning

Learn the importance of business, personal and financial planning as part of our exit planning process.

Exit Planning

Learn about the key components of preparing a business owner and the business for a transition.

Business Planning

Many owners leave money on the negotiating table by not properly planning for the transaction.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the key to maximizing Net Proceeds from a transaction. 

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