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The BXO Advisory Platform is the first educational and network platform of its kind that helps  business owners overcome challenges around sustainable growth and transition planning. Our mission for the BXO Advisory Platform is to help business owners make more informed decisions that drives better outcomes. 

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What Drives Value In Your Business?

Do you know the key elements of your company's "Value Equation"? Revenue and profitability are only part of the equation. Click on the download button and find out what value drivers in your business impacts Enterprise Value.

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Benefits of BXO Advisory Platform

The Business Owners Exchange® has a membership community called Business Owner Advisory where owners find educational content, advice, support, collaboration, and access to experienced advisory consultants. As a member, you gain critical knowledge for business growth, preparing for transition, while maximizing the value of your company. BXO® Advisory Platform members on average are businesses with $5 million to $80 million in Enterprise Value.

The BXO Exit Planning Process

Support and Advice Platform

Most business owners struggle to maximize the value of their companies at the time of sale. Few plan in advance for an effective transition and optimal exit valuation. Business Owners Exchange (BXO)®  supports business owners aiming to maximize the value of their companies. Become a member today and receive pivotal services and resources from BXO’s Advisory Platform, along with critical insights from fellow business owners and experienced advisors. Get the tools you need to grow with confidence, transition strategically, and realize the full value of your business.

Free Exit Planning Consultation

Business Owner Survey Sharing Why Exit Preparedness is Imperative to a Successful Exit

When it is time to sell many owners fail to take the necessary planning steps to ensure the most successful outcome for them and their families. Click on the video below and see the top four statistics on business owners lack of preparedness.


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80% of business owners that try to sell their business DO NOT SELL. Don't leave your most important investment to chance. Join BXO's Advisory Platform and start unlocking value in your business today.


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