BuildingĀ Enterprise Value ForĀ Business Owners

Growth Planning,

Acquisition StrategyĀ 

& Transaction Advisory

Begin Your Path to Enhancing Enterprise Value

Advisory Services are essential to the success of businesses at all stages.

Our services provide expert guidance and support to help business owners make informed decisions, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals.Ā Our services include growth planning, acquisition strategy, transition & exit planning. We alsoĀ provide advisory board services.

Adding Over $2 Billion InĀ Increased Value For Business Owners

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Business Owner Services

BXO provides access to resources and networks that many businesses do not have access to.

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Investment Banker Services

BXO collaborates extensively with investment banking firms nationwide to assist in preparing their clients for sale.

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Private Equity Services

BXO aids portfolio companies, tuck-ins, and acquisitions in enhancing value and business synergies.

The BXO Value Equation®

  • Creating Transparency 
  • Maximize Efficiency 
  • Enhance Operations
  • Help You Build A More Effective Management Team

         = Increased Value and Better Owner Lifestyle

BXO Empowers Business Owners

BXO Enhances the Worth of Your Business Through

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What's The Opportunity Cost Of Not Taking Action?

Most business owners think because they are not ready to sell they don't need to invest in the improvement of their business. That is the single biggest mistake owners make. The process of exit or succession planning is the foundation of owning a more profitable and attractive business. It is also the key to improving your lifestyle as an business owner. 

 BXO has repeatedly improved business value while improving the business lifestyle for our owner clients. 

What 's Your Return On Investment

Your BXO Recovery Plan®

Do you have a plan to accelerate the value of your business over the next 24 months? How will you protect and ensure the growth of your business while navigating one of the most challenging landscapes in decades?

Strategic Planning: A Key Initiative for Growing Your Business

One of the most difficult planning initiatives is aligning the current progress of your business with future needs and being able to create, implement, and monitor the progress of the proper strategic plan. Begin your  planning process by contacting BXO to discuss the keys to strategic planning and  accomplishing your future goals for the business.

Strategic Planning and Process Initiatives:

BXO Business Owner Resources

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Advisory Board Services

Having a growth partner that provides goal specific resources that helps monitor progress.

Our Advisory Network
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 Masterclass Courses

Proven process that provides key steps on growth, exit, and operational planning. 

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Webinars & Seminars

Do you need a experienced speaker for your business owner webinar or workshop?

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THEEXIT Podcast Series

THEEXIT Podcast interviews some of the top advisors on Growth and Exit Strategy.