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Benefits of BXO:

Our Advisory Services and Expertise

Business Owners Exchange® offers owners advice, support, collaboration, and access to experienced advisory consultants ready to assist with all aspects of your business. You will have a partner with critical knowledge and expertise needed for re-establishing or increasing enterprise value.  BXO® Advisory Services caters specifically to privately-held and family owned businesses with $5 million to $120 million in revenue.

Learn how our firm can help you re-establish and enhance business value. 

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Comprehensive Planning and Services Focused On Maximizing Value:

Start Building Your Foundation

Not having the proper advisory resources can:

  • Prolong Business Recovery

  • Decrease Ability to Grow Revenue

  • Impact Enterprise Value

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Strategic Planning: A Key Initiative for Growing Your Business

One of the most difficult planning initiatives is aligning the current progress of your business with future needs and being able to create, implement, and monitor the progress of the proper strategic plan. Begin your  planning process by contacting BXO to discuss the keys to strategic planning and  accomplishing your future goals for the business.

Strategic Planning and Process Initiatives:

Where are you in your business cycle?

Each stage of a business has it's challenges and obstacles. Don't go it alone. Having an experienced advisory team, with a proven process, focused on your companies viability and health are important to the long-term success of your company. BXO has services and expertise specific to each business stage that will help you realize your vision.

"Create, Customize and Implement Your Recovery Plan Today!"

Our recovery and enhancement planning process is customized to your needs. A business's path to recovery is impacted by the actions taking before, during and after a business crisis. Don't risk losing the opportunity to maximize the value of your business by not having a well-thought-out recovery plan. 

Struggling with creating your Recovery Plan, let BXO  help navigate the path to growth.

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Your BXO Recovery Plan®

Do you have a plan to accelerate the value of your business over the next 24 months? How will you protect and ensure the growth of your business while navigating one of the most challenging landscapes in decades?

Find Out What Value Drivers Impact The Value Of Your Business

Understanding the key elements of your company's "Value Equation." Revenue and profitability are only a fraction of the equation. Click on the button and find out what value drivers impact Enterprise Value.

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Some of The Top Business Owner Organizations Partner With BXO

BXO was created by entrepreneurs who understand the importance of peer to peer learning, leadership and support. BXO works closely with business owner organizations as a expert in growth, transition and succession planning. Ask your business owner organization about our webinars, whitepapers, workshops, and break out sessions for members. 

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