Building Your Customized Roadmap To Unlocking Value

The BXO Business Assessment Process provides a clear snapshot of your business and the areas that need to be addressed in order to move forward with a successful roadmap to maximizing value.

As a part of this process, owners will be provided access to BXO's assessment module. This tracks your progress, provides value information videos and educational resources you can access through our convenient BXO App. 

We provide you with a educational platform that gathers key information that is compiled into a assessment ranking summary and detailed assessment report.

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 The Foundation of Any Great Business Begins With:

Performance Management

Business Planning

Management Training

Developing Culture

Growth   Planning

Our BXO Business Assessment Report Includes A Potential Discount Summary

Do You Really Know How Well Your Business Is Doing?

Our assessment process will analyze business factors, overall financial projections, current markets, competitive factors as well as potential business challenges that could negatively impact the value of a business.  

Our business assessment can be used as the foundation of your growth & transition strategy.

We Help You Achieve Maximum Value

Our value enhancement process incorporates, profit improvement, revenue growth, strategic planning, better resource planning, business accountability, and focuses on enhancing the current business model while focusing on Maximizing Enterprise Value. We will discuss the process in more detail as we work with you through the advisory process.

BXO helps implement a customized action plan that utilizes our proven process.

Personal Readiness

Your Personal Readiness Assessment takes into account you’re emotional, welfare and wellbeing as well as your preparation and understanding of the process. The Personal Wealth, Tax & Risk Readiness takes a deep dive in regards to wealth management and budgeting as well as risk mitigation, insurance and estate planning. 

73% of business owners have seller's remorse within 18 months of the sale.

Learn How Potential Buyers Will Value Your Business Before You Sell!


Buyers will minimize their risk by carrying out a thorough due diligence and investigate the business. Sellers can maximize their position by being prepared for the scrutiny that prospective purchasers will put the business under. The more prepared the seller the higher the ultimate price they may negotiate. BXO utilizes the Business Preparedness Assessment to assist with getting the business prepared for the scrutiny of due diligence.

Are you loosing value and the opportunity to transition your business?

Business Attractiveness 

The BXO business assessment will analyze the business factors, overall financial projection trends, current market and competitive factors as well as potential business challenges that would be considered by a potential buyer. Please take your time to be thoughtful around your answers. 

80% of business owners fail at selling their business every year.

Are You Ready To Sell?

Sometimes a business may look attractive to a potential purchaser but the majority of businesses sold or transferred are v discounted  during the due diligence process or worse, ignored completely if the business does not pass the first round of due diligence. This is why BXO's Business Preparedness Assessment is essential to getting the business and the owners prepared for the sale.

Are you one of the 9 out 10 business owners doesn't have a formal  transition plan?

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