The Impact Of The Pandemic On Your Trust & Estate Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic combined with the current economic uncertainty may leave many families and individuals with questions and concerns about their estate and financial planning.  The Wealth Preservation team at Porzio has compiled a list of some frequent questions to assist during this time. 

Can I get copies of my estate documents? 

Yes. If you are a Porzio client and don’t have copies of your documents, we retain scanned copies of everything and can securely send them to you or your family.  Please feel free to email or call us for assistance. 

What if my guardian is out of state and unable to get to my kids should the need arise?

New Jersey and New York allow for a “standby guardian” to be named for this specific circumstance.  This is a temporary guardian and can be a local friend.  We can prepare a Designation of Standby Guardian for you and the guardian to sign remotely.

What if I have questions on my documents – or...

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