The Countdown To the Sale! Preparing For the Sale

sale preparedness Apr 08, 2021

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In speaking with business owners their is one key insight I share. Incorporating business planning as a daily part of running the business. What do I mean by business planning? Focusing not only on the day to day operations of the business but also building a plan around maximizing the Enterprise Value of the business. It’s an area of focus that all owners should focus on regardless if they are thinking of selling the business or not. The one thing that has been consistent  is that as an owner you never know when someone is going to knock on your door and ask if your business is for sale. I will say that when I speak to an owner that is emphatic about not selling the company, it is always interesting to see how that owner responds when a real potential buyer knocks. Being prepared for that scenario and others that may force the sale of your business is important. As an owner you may not have plans to sell your business but you...

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