Benefits of BXO Advisory Services

As a business owner, establishing an advisory team is key to creating a foundation for the long-term success and growth of your business. There are challenging milestones where you will encounter the most demand for enhancements and growth within your business. Do you have an advisory team that can help you identify and accelerate past those challenges?

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BXO Advisory Council

The council is made up of experienced advisors selected based on their specific area of expertise, successful track record working with business owners, and the ability to have the greatest impact on Enterprise Value. 

Brett Dearing, CEPA, CM&AA

Managing Principal, Founder, BXO

Brett has 30 years thirty years of experience working with privately-held businesses and business owners. Brett assists business owners in working through the complexities of transitioning a family business, structuring comprehensive succession plans and growth planning. His specialization is preparing a business and business owner for transaction while maximizing enterprise value.


Bruce Altman

Partner, Eureka Capital

30 years as investment banker focused on working with business owners. His work has spanned a number of industries including building products, fabricated components, specialty materials, industrial technology, consumer products and business services.



Stephen King

President and CEO, GROWTHFORCE

Steve’s experience with accounting system design, technology development, and management services spans over three decades. Stephen has the ability to visualize the future of accounting and assemble a highly qualified and motivated team. 



Deirdre Wheatley-Liss

Principal, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman

Ms. Wheatley-Liss counsels business owners on legal and structural issues related to start-up, financing, growth and exit strategy.  As a tax attorney, she always keeps an eye on maximizing after tax proceeds for business owners post transaction.



Wei-Li F. X. Tjong

Partner, Tijong & Hsia

Mr. Tjong is a corporate attorney focusing on entrepreneurs. He has broad experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, private finance, partnerships and joint ventures, executive employment arrangements and licensing. 






Susan R. Schoenfeld, JD,LL.M.(Taxation), CPA, MBA

Founder, Wealth Legacy Advisors LLC.

Susan R. Schoenfeld, JD, LL.M. (Taxation), CPA, MBA, is CEO and founder of Wealth Legacy Advisors LLC. She is an award-winning Thought Leader to families of wealth, and Public Speaker to the financial services industry who serve them -- or want to! -- on the human issues that keep families of wealth up at night: legacy, governance, stewardship, succession, philanthropy, and managing fiduciary risk. - FWR Awards 2020.



Indications Your Company May Need An Advisory Board:

  • There's a specific objective and internal resources are not equipped to execute 

  • The company would benefit from positive association

  • The leadership team has skill gaps

  • The company plateaued or is in a rut

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Meet Our Certified Consultants 

Our Certified Exit Planning Advisors are the cornerstone of our planning services as well as the facilitators for our network of advisors. They are experienced and well-equipped to provide guidance around personal, financial and business planning. 



As a business owner, one of the biggest challenges is gaining consistent access to the expertise needed to incorporate and execute expansive planning throughout all the stages of a business.


BXO Advisory Council provides ongoing support and advice to business owners to effectively accomplish short-term and long-term business goals. 

Why Successful Business Owners Use Advisory Boards:

  • 73% Growth

  • 17% Succession planning

  • 5% Increasing asset value of business

  • 5% Sustainability of operations/business model 

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