BXO is an education platform that provides advice, support and a experienced network of advisors focused on helping business owners overcome challenges in their business. BXO provides a proven process for preparing business owners for transition. Become a member and start unlocking value in your business. 


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Unlocking Millions Of Enterprise Value For Business Owners

BXO Offers Support, Advice, and Resources to Business Owners



As a member of the BXO Advisory Platform you will have access to experienced advisors focused in five main areas: Operational Enhancements, Pre-Transaction Services, Succession and Financial Planning, Brand Enhancement, Exit Strategy/Options, and M&A Advisory. 


Members receive monthly "Action" emails, Quarterly Advisor and Peer Interviews, Live Chat Sessions and Face to Face meetings. Our content and topics are focused on challenges facing business owners. Our mission is to help business owners maximize Enterprise Value. 


There are vast resources for you as a business owner to plug in to. The platform is focused on forming better business decisions through educating owners. Members also receive an initial free hour long consultation  focused on assessing and addressing issues in your business. 

Educational Workshops

BXO Advisory Platform teams up with other national business owners networks to deliver exit planning and growth strategy topics. Our workshops are focused on educating business owners and include follow up action planning. 

Business Owner Roundtables

Business owner roundtables are half-day sessions with 15-20 participants focusing on a particular topic selected by the group. The roundtable includes break-out sessions, strategic planning, group sharing and bulleted action steps from the group.

The "Exit" Podcast

The "Exit Podcast" hosts interviews with experienced advisors and peers on key topics around exit planning for business owners. We survey our members on what topics they want us to discuss on the podcast.  Great informative sessions.

Private Equity as a Business Partner

This panel discussion was on discovering growth strategies for your business and the opportunity to grow your business through acquisitions with a private equity partner. What are the pro's and con's of having a private equity business partner and what should you as a business owner  be aware of. 

Testimonies from one of our "Big Topic" Events

Here from Peter Cavrell about his business and how he sees BXO Advisory Platform as a real resource that can support his business.


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Business Owners leave millions of dollars on the negotiating table by not being properly prepared. Start building your Transition Team today and maximize the value of your business.


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