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BXO Advisory Events are structured to address the most pressing issues facing privately-held and family owned businesses. Hear from other business owners and expert advisors on key challenges and solutions for today's competitive environment. 

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Life After The Transition

BXO is hosting an event on "Life After The Transition" for business owners that have sold and are exploring the "Next Act". 









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(January 2019)

"Art of the Exit" Workshop 

 What a great workshop! We had over 40 business owners discussing the "Art of the Exit". We discussed the "3 Imperatives" 1. Having a Buy/Sell Agreement 2. Utilizing Exit Planning to Maximize the Value of the business and 3. Using KPI's and forming an Advisory Board.    

 Meeting Testimonial:

 "Thanks for a really informative session today! Got a lot out of it and greatly appreciate your time".


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The BXO Advisory Educational Platform can offer you the support you need and access to the advice and resources needed to take your business to the next milestone. Give you and your business the support you need.


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