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The BXO Advisory Platform is a membership platform that has five categories with over 27 modules for business owners that support day to day decisions around your business. Our team will be adding an additional 15 modules focused on transition planning and optimizing growth strategies. You can access your content  at your convenience through audio, video and PDF. 

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Monthly Email "Action Steps"

        12 Scheduled for 2020

Our Monthly Email "Actions Steps" are actionable strategies you can implement to increase operational efficiencies, minimize "Deal Breakers" in your business, while increasing the Enterprise Value of your business. Every month we highlight an owner that has successfully implemented the "Action Step" and how it has benefited their company. 


Quarterly Advisor and Peer Interviews

          5 scheduled for 2020

Studies show one of the best ways to learn and implement strategy is to hear from people that have been successful and doing just that. our peer and advisor interviews go deep into the topic so our owners can gain perspective on the topic. This helps with integrating the proposed strategy to meet the needs of the owner and the business.

Quarterly Live Chats

          4 Scheduled for 2020

Our live chats allow you as amember to ask questions real-time to our guests.  You can also post questions while you are watching to the live broadcast. It is a convenient option for learning on the go. You can watch from your computer, laptop, Ipad or smartphone. Participants will also receive a FREE consult with the advisor guest .

Business Assessment Platform

Our assessment platform offers detailed business, personal and financial assessments specific to business owners and your planning needs. Our assessment are also accompanied with a customized "Action Plan" focused on minimizing "Value Detractors" while offering a road map to higher realized value and transition.

Educational Platform

THe BXO Advisory  PLatform is a dedicated study platform structured to provide organized content that aligns with business milestones. Our platform gives you the option of following the milestone study structure or go directly to the area and topic you wan to learn about with the flexibility to move around to your desired module. 

Advisor Network

Our Advisor network has been qualified and has proven experience in their perspective areas of expertise. Whether you have a specific question or looking for an advisor to help you with a business specific business issue. BXO's Advisory Network offers you connectivity to a national network at the click of a button. 

Invites to BXO and Partnered Seminars and Events

As a BXO Advisory Platform member you will receive invites to BXO sponsored events. You will also receive invites to our partner events which include golf outings, networking events, seminars and other industry conventions.

Formalize Your Transition Plan Today

78% of Business Owners do not have a transition plan for the business. Not knowing how your are going to transition your business leaves your outcome in the hands of the buyer.


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