Art Of The Exit Masterclass


May 10th: 

Begins @ 9am with Breakfast 

(Masterclass begins @ 9am)

Learn how to take control of your sale and maximize the value of your business. 










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Masterclass Testimonials

From CEO Founders & Advisors

Al M.

CEO Founder

I am always interested in understanding ways to grow my business efficiently. This presentation got me thinking about value in my business I can unlock. Very informative and worth the time and investment. 

Greice M.

CEO Founder, 

If you are a business owner thinking about selling or wanting to better understand how to have more control over the sale process, I would recommend participating in this masterclass webinar. I wish I would have seen this masterclass before my exit.

Bruce A.

Investment Banker

As an investment Banker, I see many CEO Founders that aren't prepared to sell and how it negatively impacts the sale. I would recommend to any business owner thinking about selling to attend this webinar. 

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