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BXO Advisory Services is a culmination of educational content, assessment services and action planning for business owners. Our platform provides advice from other business owners and experienced advisors as well as a network of advisors that can support you and your business.

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The BXO Advisory Platform is the first educational and network platform of its kind for business owners. The platform utilizes monthly "Action Tasks", advisor and peer interviews, Web-ex's, Live Chat, and in person meetings to educate and support business owners on growth strategies, transition planning and after-sale life planning.

BXO Advisory Educational Platform

All content is accessed through our membership platform which has five categories with over 27 modules for business owners to study and review. We will be adding an additional 15 modules and other content in 2019 as shown below. Our modules have audio, video and PDF files ready to review at your convenience. 



Our Business Owner Assessment looks at 22 different areas in your business and offers preparedness rating. You will also receive a prioritized "Action Plan" focused on helping you minimize or eliminate those "Value Detractors".

Question: "Is your business ready to sell"?

The “Preparedness Assessment” is a pre-discovery process you as a buyer can go through that evaluates  your business, identifies the gaps in your business and creates a customized  “Action Plan” to resolve those gaps before the buyer can use them to reduce the  offer price. The assessment looks at key components of your business  and identifies potential risks and value-detractors (Those gaps that take away  from the Enterprise Value of your business).



Members of our educational platform also gain access to local events.

The CEO of Leveraged Wisdom Discussing Operational Strategies

Richard Lavin, CEO of Leveraged Wisdom, discusses the importance of having a sound operational infrastructure to support organic growth. Richard is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully exited several businesses and helps other business owners prepare for growth before the exit. 

Assess Your Wealth-Transition Plan

BXO Attendees in a deep discussion on business growth strategies

Along with our educational platform we host "Big Topic" meetings where business owners can get together and listen to an expert advisor or business owner. The events also leave time for business owners to meet and discuss the "Big Topic" and how they can incorporate it into their business. 

Business Owner Stat

There are circumstances that cause business owners to exit their business unwillingly. These circumstances are called the 5 D's: DEATH I DIVORCE I DISTRESS I DISABILITY I DISAGREEMENT Start preparing today for the unexpected.


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