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Why BXO®?

Sale of Business

Most business owners struggle to maximize the value of their companies at the time of sale. Few plan in advance for an effective transition and optimal exit valuation. The Business Owners Exchange (BXO)® supports business owners aiming to maximize the value of their companies. Become a member to receive pivotal services and resources from BXO’s Advisory Board, along with critical insights from fellow business owners. Get the tools you need to grow with confidence, transition strategically, and realize the full value of your business.

BXO® helps business owners focus on:

Business Growth

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Maximizing Valuation

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Owner Transition & Legacy

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Why Business Owners Need an Advisory Board

Only 20% of companies looking to sell on an annual basis actually complete the transaction and sell. The other 80% are left without interested or viable buyers. Having an experienced advisory board as a part of your resource toolkit can elevate the level of your decision making and planning process. Utilizing BXO® as your advisory board along with the experience of your peers as BXO® members will help avoid the common pitfalls business owners make before transitioning. Better decisions equate to better value for your business. In most cases research shows that owners on average only have one opportunity to effectively sell their business. Let BXO® help you begin the process of accelerating the value in your business.